Homebound Ministries: Bringing Your Worship Services to Their Living Rooms

by Ryan on May 15, 2014

Homebound Ministry Boombox - Sylvania Portable Boombox Available on Amazon.comRegularly keeping in touch with members of your church who are homebound (or as some still say, “shut-in”) is an important ministry. Telephone calls are easy ways to check in, but visits are much better. When I visit, I try to bring worship bulletins, the church newsletter, devotionals, and a book or two that I hope the member will enjoy. A particularly effective way of helping the homebound member feel in touch with the church is to provide recorded copies of the latest worship services. Just hearing the choir sing, the joys and concerns, the announcements, and (much more than my rambling sermons) the familiar hymns, brings the worship experience into their living rooms. More and more churches are posting worship services online, but many of the elderly members of most congregations do not have computers, nor do they wish to delve into the digital age. So, the ideal solution is to regularly deliver recordings of each service on CDs. If you are not already recording your worship service, I have written a step-by-step guide for the easiest and the cheapest way to record and duplicate your services and events.

If a homebound member does not have a CD player, our church provides one for them. We have found that boomboxes work the best as our members do not like personal CD players with headphones. Currently, the easiest and least inexpensive boombox for our members to use is a Sylvania boombox with just a CD player and FM Radio for around $25. We try to find boomboxes online or at WalMart or Target that have minimal buttons so that all the member has to do is insert the CD and push the one PLAY button. Sometimes we will draw arrows on the boombox with Sharpie markers to show which button to push and where to adjust the volume. It is our hope that through these efforts we are showing our appreciation for these special members of our family of faith who may not be able to regularly attend worship services and church events.

If you have suggestions, ideas, or recommendations that have worked for your ministries to the homebound, please share them in the comments section.

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